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Our History.

The Boston Hurricanes was first formed in 1970, and was originally named the Wing Wor Club. It began as a group of young Asian Americans from Chinatown who were sponsored by the Boston Chinatown Merchants to play in various 9Man volleyball and basketball tournaments  throughout the country. As the members practiced in the parking lots of Boston’s Chinatown, Wing Wor joined a league of Asian American athletes from all across the country, quickly exceeding expectations and finishing in top places for both volleyball and basketball tournaments. The club became incredibly respected and grew a reputation for athletic excellence.


The club continued to grow throughout the 1980’s, gaining players and recognition throughout the Boston area and nationally. In 1989, the Men’s A 9Man team finished third in the NACIVT Nationals tournament, and finished in fourth the following year. 


In 1992, the club changed its name to The Boston Hurricanes, symbolizing a new emphasis for the organization. It sought to, and still strives to aim its services at Asian American and Pacific Asian youth, in the Greater Boston Chinatown area. The 90’s proved to be a period of social and cultural growth and expansion, as the club gained players and recognition in Newton, Wellesley, Needham, and other neighborhoods outside of Chinatown. 


In 2004, the Boston Hurricanes Basketball team became National Champions at the annual nationals tournament, becoming the first east coast team to ever win the title. 


Fast forward to the present, the Boston Hurricanes continues to reach out to Asian American youth and show them not only the athleticism and skill it takes to play 9Man, volleyball, and basketball, but also how to be confident individuals and serve their communities. Our clinics and youth volleyball and basketball programs help young Asian Americans break out of stereotypes and gain confidence in their abilities. Our Women’s and Girl’s programs have developed immensely, and we now have five Women’s and Girl’s volleyball teams. Our 9Man teams have also grown from one to four Men’s and Boy’s teams. All of these, including our Men’s and Co-ed basketball teams, continue to advance as we develop into highly competitive teams who continue to compete at national levels. 


All parts of the Boston Hurricane’s organization endeavor to serve our communities, whether it be through outreach programs, volunteering with our clinics, setting an example for younger players, or simply wearing our 2019 TShirts, which reaffirms our value of “inclusiveness, acceptance, and respect regardless of race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation”. We continue to strive to make positive waves in our communities as we play good volleyball, good 9Man, and good basketball. 


We are the Boston Hurricanes.

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