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The Boston Hurricanes has four junior women's volleyball teams: Black, Blue, Orange, and White.

The Black, Blue and Orange teams participate in the New York Mini, Boston August Moon Festival and Philly Mini. The White Team serves as a non- traveling, developmental team. 

womens hitting.jpg
womens black first place winners silver

The  Women's Black team is a combination of varsity- level college and high school players. They have improved immensely since they began playing together, and placed first in the silver bracket at the 2019 Philly Mini. They are eager to continue growing their skills both together and as individuals. 

The  Women's Blue and Orange teams are developmental travelling teams who are still working on gaining in- game experience  by playing with our older teams and in as many tournaments as possible. 

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The Hurricanes White Team is a developmental volleyball team consisting of middle school and high school players, who play for both their schools and a variety of Massachusetts club teams. An entry- level team, they learn rotations and stacking, and have the opportunity to test out different positions to see which they identify with and enjoy playing the most.


Although they have an immense focus on the growth of their technical skills, this team also allows for the critical development of building and bonding with a team. Their main focuses during practice are communication, holding each other accountable, lifting each other up, and maintaining their mental toughness. They look forward to becoming the next generation of Hurricanes Women’s Volleyball players.

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