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Our Community.

The "I Am Hurricane" Initiative 

The "I Am Hurricane" initiative stems from two major pillars of the Boston Hurricane's mission - community and service. The initiative focuses on creating and executing opportunities for both Hurricanes members and non- members to engage with our communities through acts of service and volunteer work. These programs and opportunities revolve around community service, social activism and raising awareness for issues that our communities face on a daily basis. In the past, our members have helped clean up Chinatown, visited retirement centers, and mentored kids in Chinatown schools. As a group, we have worked with Cradles To Crayons and hosted free volleyball clinics. We do this with the hopes of fostering ideas of responsibility and community engagement, and showing we are committed to the well-being of the people and communities around us. 

cradles to crayons group photo.jpg

Cradles to Crayons

Since 2015, the Boston Hurricanes has partnered with Cradles to Crayons for an annual day of service.  Hurricanes members meet to help the organization with their goal of providing aid to children in need across Massachusetts. Members complete tasks such as sorting through donations of clothing and creating donation bags containing clothes, shoes, books, personal hygiene essentials and toys. These bags then go out  to children from infancy through the age of 12 to who need them most. 

cradles to crayons action.jpg

2019 "Love is Love" T-Shirts

Every summer our clinic attendees, families, and Hurricanes members look forward to receiving our annual t- shirts. They look forward to seeing what design they'll get to wear that year; some years they are our signature blue or orange, other years they're gray. No matter the color or design, they always come with our Boston Hurricanes Logo. 2019 was a little different: we rolled out a very special design that contained a lot of meaning. Everyone received a Pride themed shirt:  a white t- shirt with our club name and logo in rainbow print. With these t- shirts, we are not taking a social or political viewpoint on behalf of our players, members or community. We are, however, reiterating and emphasizing our dedication to inclusion, acceptance, and respect for all individuals, organizations and communities affiliated with the Boston Hurricanes. 

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