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Our Mission. 

The Boston Hurricanes Athletic Club seeks to serve pan- Asian American communities in Greater Boston and surrounding communities via 9Man, volleyball, basketball, and community outreach programs for all ages. We strive to keep the traditions of the organization and of 9Man alive while encouraging the exploration of the organization and pan- Asian American cultures in Boston through competition, community, inclusion, and growth.


We offer athletic programs for all ages- from experienced 9Man players who have been playing for decades to six year olds following their parent’s footsteps. We aim to build and maintain athletic skill and endurance to develop and bring competitive teams to tournaments across the country. 


But we also recognize that we hold a unique role in the lives of our players. This is where our commitment to pass down the history and traditions of those who played and competed before us, especially those who played in the parking lots of Boston’s Chinatown in the 1960’s, becomes so important. We are also committed to inspiring and supporting our players as human beings, and aim to help strengthen their confidence and values as young Asian Americans. 


Off the courts, we encourage exploration, inclusivity, and growth within our club and out. Both internally and externally, we promote educational opportunities for people to learn our history and our sport. We also are proactive in creating activities that engage the community through competition and service, no matter how connected or unconnected they are from 9Man and Boston’s Asian community. 


Compete. Play. Serve. We are the Boston Hurricanes.

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