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Welcome to the

Boston Hurricanes.

We provide uncompromising sports programs to children and young adults with ties to Boston's Chinatown community. While basketball and volleyball are our main athletic focuses, our athletes also develop social, educational, and professional skills while working together on the courts and off with community service. 

The Boston Hurricanes is ever- growing and competes in the highest levels of traditional and annual tournaments in both the United States and Canada. Thanks to our constantly expanding group of both players and alumni, young adults and professionals have access to a wide variety of opportunities to get involved with other sports, projects,and  cultivate relationships for career guidance and social awareness.

Click each link below to learn more. 


Learn about our mission. 

Read our Mission Statement and understand why we are more than just the sports we play. 


Learn about our history. 

Learn about our history as an athletic club, as well as the history of 9Man in the city of Boston. 


Learn about our community. 

Community is the pillar of our athletic club- and we strive to share this with others. 

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Meet our administration.

Meet some of the amazing people that keep our club and our players running. 

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Meet our sponsors. 

Meet some of the people who have supported our growth over the years. 


Remember with us. 

Take some time to remember these Hurricane with love. 

Compete. Play. Serve. We are the Boston Hurricanes.

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