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9MAN  Volleyball 


The Boston Hurricanes Men's Blue team is proud to have players from high schools, colleges, and clubs from across Massachusetts. They work hard to continue their growth as individuals and a team. The goal of the Blue team is to develop their athletic and 9Man skills so that they can continue to compete at top levels, and eventually become a Black team player and continue the Hurricanes athletic excellence. 

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The Orange team is an educational team meant for those beginning their experience and journey as 9Man players. This developmental team's goal is to  learn the rules and strategies of 9Man, gain as much experience at local and national tournaments as possible, and learn from our Black and Blue players. 

The Blue and Orange teams play in the New York Mini, Boston August Moon Festival, Philly Mini, and NACIVT. The Blue team won the 2017 Philly Mini.

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