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Boston Hurricanes 

The Boston Hurricanes volleyball program is comprised of 9Man Volleyball teams, women's volleyball teams, and summer youth volleyball clinics. We are proud to support adult and junior teams in both our 9Man and Women's programs, and we provide summer clinics as well as day- long clinics throughout the year to children of all ages. Click to learn more about each respective program. 



Chinese 9Man Volleyball is a variation of volleyball played on a slightly larger court (10 x 20m), with nine players on each side of the net. The sport was originally played by Chinese immigrants from the city of Toisan; it allowed for connection during a time of anti- Chinese sentiment in America. Today, we compete at the highest levels of 9Man, playing against top teams from Chinatowns across the country and Canada.

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The Boston Hurricanes are proud to have four developmental girls’ volleyball teams. They consist of players from high schools and clubs all across Massachusetts. The goal of these teams is to develop technical skills as well as a strong and supportive team atmosphere, mental toughness, and excellent sportsmanship to lead the Women’s 9Man community.

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Our junior 9Man teams focus on developing the skills needed to be successful both on and off the court. Our coaches teach volleyball fundamentals, as well as special 9Man techniques that aren’t taught in high school or club seasons. They also aid in the development of team mentality and mental toughness, and foster an environment to help players reach their full potential.

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Open to all, we offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level clinics designed to improve a player’s skill at each level of the game. We offer a high volume of focused reps, key- based learning, and immediate feedback from our trained coaches.

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The Boston Hurricane’s Women’s team consists of top players from competitive clubs and college divisions. They aim to hold high rank in all tournaments, including the NACIVT Nationals. They also strive to lead the women’s program by both athletic example and leadership, by upholding all portions of the Hurricane’s mission. Women’s volleyball is played with NCAA rules, but outside on concrete.  

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Our experiences coaches and directors work hard every summer to provide the best experience for our players and their families. They coach high schools, colleges, and clubs across Massachusetts and are excited to work with our 9Man community every summer.  Take some time to get to know them! 

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