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Welcome to the Boston Hurricanes.

Welcome to the Boston Hurricanes. 

The Boston Hurricanes is a nonprofit organization serving Boston’s Chinatown and neighboring Asian American communities. We support and organize highly competitive as well as developmental volleyball, basketball, and 9Man teams and programs.


Through these respective programs, we seek to carry the traditions of 9Man and Chinese volleyball in Boston to the newest generations through inclusion,competition, community and service. 


Compete. Play. Serve. We are the Boston Hurricanes.
9man volleyball

With elite players from all over New England, the Men's Team has finished 3rd at NACIVT  twice in the past nine years.

Highly skilled athletes from all over the country, including former D1 varsity and club players. 

Our youth teams learn more about volleyball while competing against teams across North America.

Our passionate coaches help spread the love of volleyball to the young athletes across Massachusetts.

Local, regional and national Chinese and Asian American Basketball Tournaments and Leagues.

Youths in middle and high school play in local and regional Chinese, Asian and Open tournaments and leagues.


My family’s involvement with the Canes has lasted over a decade- and with good reason. The experience has been highly positive, and has morphed from just an experience to a massive part of our lives. My daughter and son have not only had the opportunity to have fun, play 9Man and volleyball, and develop lasting friendships, but to also develop a sense of cultural identity and pride. As a parent, I also just love that the Canes are so family and community oriented.

Volleyball Testimonial 

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My daughter has had the good fortune of practicing basketball with the Boston Hurricanes the past year now. It's an amazing organization that helps the Asian youth and community stay connected by getting them together and using sport as the vehicle to have fun, make friendships, and develop skills. The kids are amazing and the families are great as well and come from all over Massachusetts.

Basketball Testimonial 

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