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Boston Hurricanes Basketball

Asian Basketball competition in Boston is rich with tradition. Since 1970, the Hurricanes organization have been solid and consistent participants of the North American Chinese Basketball Association Tournament (NACBA). The club's notable achievements was winning the 2004 Elite Men's and 2018 18u NACBA Divisions. The Boston Hurricanes continue to be ingrained in the fabric of the area's basketball landscape.  The Hurricanes have outreach programs to the community to include all those interested in basketball.  


More recently, the formation of the Asian Basketball Championship in North America (ABCNA) promises a broader expanse of Asian competition. Our Men’s, 18U, 16U and 12U teams played in the 2019 ABCNA Regional in New Jersey capturing the 12U Championship. The Hurricanes are proud to have committee representation to assist governance and develop the mission of the organization.

2018 U18 NACBA Champions
2108 U18 NACBA Champions

Juniors Basketball Teams

Coaches Sam Moy and Ron Chin.  Coordinator: May Woo-Mok

The Boston Hurricanes Juniors Basketball Team plays in local and regional Chinese, Asian and Open tournaments and leagues.  Youths in middle and high school having interest in playing on the juniors teams are encouraged to contact our coordinator to arrange for evaluations.  

Mens Basketball Team

​Coordinator: Mimi Woo

The Boston Hurricane Basketball Team plays in local, regional and national Chinese and Asian American Basketball Tournaments and Leagues. Our team also plays in local leagues to maintain their personal and develop team skills. Individuals interested open play or tryouts are welcomed.  The team plays all year round.

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Masters Mens Basketball

Coordinator Desmond Lui

The Boston Hurricanes have multiple generations of basketball players that play recreationally and competitively.  Our "alumni" arrange for multiple venues throughout the year to play in the Boston area or in tournament competition.


Interested parties should connect with us to find out where that next game is.

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