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27th Annual Golf Outing Fund Raiser
Saturday Aug 8th, 2015 at Stow Acres Country Club - South Course​

Team check in from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm with 1pm Shotgun Start​

Cost: $125 per golfer, and includes the following:

  • Buffet dinner to be held at Stow Acres Country Club immediately following the completion of golf.

  • Complimentary gift bag.

  • Free Raffle Ticket

Sponsors and Players, for your convenience, please register and pay HERE by completing our form.  

Tournament and Contest Rules
Scramble format, every team member tees off from their respective tee box (Whites for Men’s, Red’s for Women’s), and choose the one best shot following every stroke, with each team member then playing again from that one spot up to the point where the ball is in the hole.  The total of the best shots are recorded as your team score for the hole.


Mulligans $5 each - meaning hitting or putting your shot again, can only be used if you purchased mulligan during check in.  One mulligan per purchase.


PACE of PLAY RULE: The maximum number of strokes that can be recorded on any hole is a quadruple bogey (4 strokes over par for the hole you are playing.).  PLEASE pick up your balls and proceed directly to the next tee box if your team exceeds a quadruple bogey.


PAR 3 CONTEST RULES:  Purchased Mulligans are NOT allowed to be used for tee shots on the Par 3 Contests.


  • Par 3 – CLOSET TO THE PIN (HOLE #17) – Free Entry to Outing Participants. Additional general prize raffle tickets can be purchased for $1.

                Rules: Winner is person who hits tee shot closest to pin, and will receive the closest to the pin prize.

  • Par 3 – ORANGE BALL HIT THE GREEN CONTEST (HOLE #3) - $10 entry per player, includes 1 free general prize raffle ticket.  Additional general raffle tickets can be purchased for $1.

Rules:  At the designated par 3 you will receive an orange golf ball to be used for the contest.  Write your initials on your Orange ball, and use it for your tee shot. If you hit the green with the orange ball it will be placed into a raffle bag to be eligible for the Orange Ball raffle prize. 

  • Par 3 - 50/50 HIT THE GREEN CASH RAFFLE (HOLE #11) - $10 per entry, includes 1 free general prize raffle ticket. Additional general raffle tickets can be purchased for $1.

          Rules: Hit the green, receive a 50/50 Cash raffle ticket.  Raffle to be drawn during dinner. 

  • Par 3- BUTTAH’s HOLE IN ONE CHALLENGE! (HOLE #7) – Raffle ticket strip $1 per ticket to be used in challenge, see rules.  All raffle tickets in the strip will be eligible for the general raffle prizes.


BACK STORY: a few years ago Stan Lee aka Buttah recorded a hole in one.  The only problem is that no one in his group saw his tee shot go in the hole, and the ball they found in the hole was not his usual preferred Noodle brand.   To this day, depending on who you ask, his hole in one remains in question.   So this challenge is dedicated to all the haters and doubters that question Buttah’s accomplishment, and will give them an opportunity to get their own “Buttah Hole In One.” 

Rules: At designated par 3 you will have the option to purchase a strip of raffle tickets for $1 per ticket.  The raffle ticket strip will then be used to determine whether your tee shot is within the distance to the hole.  If it is, then your score for that hole is a 1 (A Butta Hole in One!).  Raffle ticket strips can only be used by the purchaser.  You cannot use or transfer the raffle strip to another player.  Only tee shots that hit the green are eligible.


Longest Drives Men’s Hole #10, Women’s Hole #8:  Purchased Mulligans are NOT allowed to be used for tee shots on Longest Drive Contests.

Rules: An eligible drive MUST be clearly in the fairway.


Contact: John Wong, 617-285-8489

Donor Request Letter

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