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Mental Training 101  


Goal is to help address some self-made barriers that are holding your daughter back from reaching her goals. Barriers like:

  • Nervous before / during games

  • Lack of confidence on the court

  • Inconsistency in practice/game play

  • Making the same mistakes over and over again

  • Faltering to game pressure


These mental challenges don’t just go away.  Your daughter needs the right systems and routines to make a change and help get past these mental barriers. 


Learning more about mental training will help elevate your daughter’s physical game. 


Mental Training 101 will give your daughter the first steps towards becoming a more resilient, confident and consistent competitor.


Mental Training 101

  • 4-week Zoom virtual training call consisting of one 45 minute session per week

  • Topics Include:

  1. Developing an Elite Mindset

  2. 5 Steps to Overcoming Nerves

  3. 4 Quick Hits for Confidence

  4. Visualization – Mental Rehearsal


Each session will have a Q&A segment at the end of each topic

  • Session Dates and Times:

  1. July 27                   7pm

  2. August 3               7pm

  3. August 10             7pm

  4. August 17             7pm

  • Cost: $80

  • Can’t make a session?  No problem.  Each session will be recorded so just send me an e-mail I'll send that session to you the next day. 

  • Parents are welcome to participate with your daughters to help as conversation starters in developing healthy non-confrontational discussions at home for these mental training tips. 


Mental Training 101 Director:

Craig Kolek

Mental Performance Mastery Coach

Positive Performance Mindset Coach

Performance Visualization Specialist


Mental Training 101 

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