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All Angles Volleyball Training in Taunton is offering sand doubles training for girls 15 and up, boys 16 and up. Players will receive coach training one day a week for eight weeks (including tryouts), with the plan to play in regional sand doubles tournaments some weekends. Because this competitive program has limited spots, tryouts will be held. 


Girls, Ages 15-18: June 23rd, 6pm - 8pm

Boys, Ages 15-18: June 28th, 6pm - 8pm

Beach team tryouts are this week! All Angles Volleyball Training will be hosting tryouts for girls ages 15-18 and boys ages 15-18. Two rain dates are built into the schedule, so if there is rain, we will not reschedule. If it doesn't rain, you will get two extra practices! I've also added a possible tournament schedule below for you to review. Please REGISTER FOR TRYOUTS! The cost for tryouts is $20. You do NOT need a partner for tryouts. If you are selected for the team you will have your own input about your partner, but you will ultimately be partnered by coaches. If you make the team, the fee for the summer is $350.


Tournaments and gear will be additional fees. Tournaments are generally $30-$35 per person, plus a membership fee if needed. It is up to the parents to provide transportation to the tournaments. Teams will be coached by Leslie Hubright, Katie Walsh, and Liz Pedro.

More info and sign up here:



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